5k Elite Short Course

We designed a 5k Race with 10 very tough obstacles specially for Elite Obstacle Course Racers who love Obstacles. It regards a 1k all flat lap which has to be run 5 times followed by 1-3 obstacles after each lap. The obstacles are very likely more demanding than the ones you’ve encountered in any other OCR (except the OCREC 2018 4k). Quite hard, but doable! No flying ninja skills required. Price money: € 1500,- 1st / € 300,- 2nd / € 150,- 3rd
We welcome you to challenge yourself!


> 1st Lap < 

Obstacle 1 & 2


Use the long rope to climb over the beam. The beam is hanging 4 meters above the ground. (We are considering replacing the ropes by 3 meter long beams.)

Use the short rope to climb over the beam. The beam is hanging 4 meters above the ground. The short rope will be ~2.2 meters long.


Difficulty 1.5/5

Obstacle 3


From right to left:
Over the first beam. Climb along the rope. Over the highest beam of the ladder. Climb further along the rope. Continue on the monkey bars, wooden beam (6 or 8 cm diameter) and go-kart tires. From the monkey bars till the end you are only allowed to use your arms.  Touch the …. at the end with your hand.

Difficulty: 3/5

> 2nd Lap <

Obstacle 4


From left to right:

Use the rope to get over the wall (3,7m). Climb along the rope to the wooden construction. Climb underneath all the beams until you reach the net. Climb underneath all the nets. On the other side of the last net you have to touch the … with your hand.


Difficulty 3.5/5

Obstacle 5


From left to right:
Ignore the first beam on this image. Use the rope to climb over the 2nd, 3rd and 4th beam. (We are considering to include the first beam) The rope has a diameter of 8-10 cm.

Difficulty: 4/5

> 3rd Lap <

Obstacle 6


From left to right:

Move from pole to pole. You are not allowed to put your hands on top of the poles. The last 4 poles will have a small rope next to them which you are allowed to use. From the poles you move over to the ropes and climb over the 3 beams.


Difficulty 4/5

Obstacle 7 – 9 will be revealed later

Note: on raceday the obstacles might be slightly different as described here. Until raceday we might publish minor adjustments regarding the obstacles on this page.

> 5th Lap <

Obstacle 10 (Finish)


From right to left:

Over the first beam. Climb along the rope. Swing from one rope to the next. Climb underneath the 4 car tires. You have to climb underneath the wooden beam. This beam is a resting point. If you fall off from the obstacle after you went underneath this beam you can start from this beam again.
climb along the rope, underneath the net and underneath the beams. Climb along the rope and the diagonal beam. Climb over the last beam and at the moment your hit the ground you finished!


Difficulty 4.5/5


In the documents ‘Rules & Regulations 5k OCR Elite Sprint‘ and ‘Terms & Conditions 5k OCR Elite Sprint‘ you will be able to find all relevant information regarding these subjects. Here is a short summery of the most important information from these documents:

  • Competitors start in groups of 3 persons every 5-10 minutes.
  • Competitors have to let other competitors from later start groups pass. Even if that means having to get off from the obstacle and start the obstacle again.
  • All obstacles are mandatory.
  • You can try an obstacle as many times as you want/need, as long as you are not blocking the way for other competitors.
  • Members of ‘SurvivalRunning Augsburg’ can’t compete for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.
  • There will be a time limit of 90 minutes starting after the last group has started.
  • The location: Inningen, close to Augsburg (Germany).

Why only 30 - 40 participants?

We currently have the capacity to organize a small event. Thanks to the obstacles we already have, it is relatively easy for us to design a very challenging course.
We don’t wan’t this challenging course to result in queues at the obstacles. That’s why we aim for a small group of elite Runners.

Why only Elite? Will there be a race for non-Elite?

For the same reason we only allow 30 – 40 participants. We hope that we will be able to organize a race for all kinds of runners in the near future.

Is there a separate Female and Male ranking?

Unfortunately not. With the amount of participants and register fee we can’t offer the amount of prize money twice. Even if we would increase the maximum amount of participants, we are not sure if there would be enough female participants to have a race that matches up to the amount of prize money offered.
We are considering to organize an female only equivalent of this 5k Elite OCR sprint at another date.


Register now!

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6/40 tickets sold

Are you an Elite Obstacle Course Racer?

Who is an elite runner and who isn’t? Very hard to tell. Our course is hard and for sure not suitable for the average Obstacle Racer. Before registering, please take a good look at the obstacles on this website and make an estimation if you will be able to complete them. The goal is to have participants who have a fair change to take on our course successfully.

At your registration we ask you to point out some of your Race results that reflect your level as an obstacle racer. Preferable results from one of the more prominent Obstacle Races. Or at least a race with some more challenging obstacles.

For any questions please contact: